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Personal Injury

Injured physically or emotionally by another’s negligence?

Sexual Harassment

Victim of someone constantly disturbing or attempting to threaten you?

Wage Payment Collection

Are you an employee facing issues related to wage payment and collection?

Divorce, Custody, and Adoption

Do you need help with domestic issues in your life?

Insurance Company Misconduct

Insurance not covering what it should? Pressuring you to sign quickly/battle your claim?

Oil and Gas

Are you having issues as a landowner because of natural gas drilling or energy companies?

Auto Truck and ATV Accidents

Were you struck at any speed while operating a motorized vehicle?

Wrongful Death

Death caused by a negligent act of another?

Product Liability

Have you been injured by drug side effects or a medical device? Is a medical device still in your body that should not be?

Contracts and Business

Are you in need of legal representation in business related matters?

Work Place Accidents

Injury from an unsafe work environment?

Unfair Debt Collection

Are you being bothered by abusive debt collection threats?

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